Seat Height Adjustment: For optimal flexibility, the height range of the seat should include heights both slightly lower and slightly higher than your ideal setting. To give you some idea of where your seat height should be in relation to how tall you are, seated heights from 15″ – 22″ will accommodate users from 5’0″ […]

So you have found your way online looking for new waiting room chairs for an office space, something that might be uncharted territory. Like many others, the lack of a selection locally or hopes of saving money has lead you to the internet to find something you like. Unfortunately buying furniture online means that you […]

Just like any other industry today, the office furniture industry is working to manufacture and market sustainable and environmentally friendly products. There are dozens of certification organizations that provide thorough and objective evaluations of available products. Those products that meet strict standards are awarded a certain rating or certification that you can look for when […]

Purchasing chairs for your conference room in the Northern Colorado area should be an easy, stress free experience.  Of course first impressions are key to what potential clients might think, so it’s understandable to want your conference room chairs to look their best. This does not have to be a difficult process, in fact very […]

As an alternative to the more traditional office chair, new styles of ergonomic chairs have been designed to try to create good support, comfort, and promote good posture. These chairs may take a little getting used to, but typically become very comfortable over time. Use of these types of ergonomic chairs can be very beneficial […]

Office Chair Back Support

March 18, 2017

For many people who work in an office setting, sitting in an office chair without adequate back support can create a great deal of stress on the lower back. This is largely because in the seated position, the lumbosacral discs are loaded three times more than standing, and sitting without back support usually leads to […]

Most trade show participants spend hours walking the exhibit hall floors, but at last week’s NeCon show, many of the 40,000 attendees spent their time sitting. Based on the myriad chair designs displayed at the Chicago design confab, the quest for a truly comfortable office chair continues in earnest for consumers as well as the […]

Office Chair Advice

February 22, 2017

For most people, it is quite a challenge to maintain good posture while sitting in an ergonomic office chair and working for long hours in front of a computer. In fact, a surprising number of people sit at the front of their office chair and hunch forward in an attempt to get closer to their […]