A desktop monitor arm is basically a flexible arm support ​which mounts onto your desk top and allows you to move and place your screen in many different positions. Working with a monitor arm offer far more flexibility than simply having your computer screen sitting on […]

The ability to adjust your chair in various ways allows you to customize your seating experience. Every body is different. Some bodies are tall; some are short. Some are well-padded; others are bony. Some bodies have short legs and tall torsos; some have short torsos and long legs. Some bodies have previous injuries which still […]

Office Chair Set Up

February 22, 2017

Many office workers spend thousands of hours sitting in an computer office chair at their desk, so there is a great deal of opportunity for their sitting posture to either continuously help the back or hurt it. The following four points are important to help support the back, neck, and shoulders when setting up an […]